Know your Honda

Knowing your motorcycle and keeping it in optimal condition will not only help you ride better, it will also keep you safer and ensure your bike has a longer life. Ongoing maintenance is key and there are heaps of things you can do with minimal effort. 

Your Owner’s Manual should have basic guidelines for scheduled servicing of specific components which should always be adhered to. But getting into the habit of checking your bike before every ride to make sure everything is working as it should be is also a great idea. 

If and when something needs attention, make sure you contact your local Honda dealer to get it sorted. Authorised Blue Wing Honda dealers are trained and educated through the Honda Academy and their technical staff use appropriate diagnostic tools to keep your Honda running and performing at its best, plus they only sell genuine Honda parts.

Here’s a basic checklist our team has put together, for both pre-and-post ride checks.

  • Tyres - Is the air pressure and tread what they should be? Are the wheel nuts tight and rims all ok?

  • Brakes & Clutch - Check if they’re working smoothly, and that the positioning/adjustment is how you want it

  • Cables & Controls - Are the throttle and control cables (i.e. brakes, clutch, engine stop, lights) operating smoothly? 

  • Lights - Are all the lights on your bike (i.e. brake, head/tail lights, turn indicators) working as they should be? 

  • Fuel & Oil - Have you got enough gas in the tank? Is there enough oil and has it been changed recently?

  • Chain - Does the chain have the proper tension and is it clean and lubricated?

  • Stands - Is your bike's stand operating freely and without binding? Do the springs hold them up properly when not in use?



With over 50 Honda dealerships located in key farming locations around New Zealand you can rest assured that when you own a Honda you will be able to get assistance when you need it. Authorised Blue Wing Honda dealerships are always engaged with their local community and understand the unique requirements of their local region. Honda dealers have trained technicians who can look after every aspect of your motorcycle servicing and maintenance. It is important that you conduct your own safety checks and equally important that your bike is serviced regularly and according to schedule by your local authorised Blue Wing Honda dealer. Keeping your bike maintained can be a huge contributor to your safety.

If you have any questions regarding motorcycle maintenance, please contact your local Honda dealer. Genuine People. Genuine Product. Genuine Service.